Picture of Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander - Operations

Nick Alexander is a managing partner of Premiere Property. Nick received his bachelor's degree from Truman State University and is a licensed real estate agent in Missouri. Over his career he held various operational leadership positions in retail management. Nick has been the driving force of Premiere Property's modernization. New tools and processes delivered to the organization have driven substantial results for owners. Always looking to improve, Nick will continue to explore new and innovative ways to support owners. 

Picture of Kristin Jacobs Alexander
Kristin Jacobs Alexander - Legal

Kristin Jacobs Alexander is a managing partner at Premiere Property. Kristin received her bachelor's degree from Truman State University and went on to receive her law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Kristin also holds the Premiere Property broker license. As a real estate broker and a licensed attorney in Missouri, Kristin understands the complexity of landlord-tenant relationships. Her experience ensures that Premiere Property is incredibly efficient at finding resolutions to any conflicts that may arise.

Picture of Ryan Rizzo
Ryan Rizzo, CPA - Finance

Ryan Rizzo is a managing partner at Premiere Property. He received his bachelor’s degree from Lindenwood University. Ryan is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Certified Public Accountant. While working in public accounting, Ryan performed financial audits for small to mid-size businesses with a focus on real estate. This background has given Ryan experience analyzing investments to uncover financial opportunities. Additionally, he is the treasurer for a non-profit organization where he prepares annual budgets, monthly financial statements and organizes key fundraising events.