Storm Damage to Clay County Rentals

Storm Damage to Clay County Rentals


Storm damage to Clay County rentals ranged from minor to severe for many residential property owners.  Power was knocked out leaving thousands without electricity in what was a significant storm for Clay County and the surrounding areas.  Crews worked throughout the weekend to repair utility lines and clear roadways.

Storm Damage to Clay County Rentals

Some of the storm damage to Clay County rentals and other homes consisted of damaged roofs and siding as a result of large hail.  Additionally, large trees across the region were uprooted falling on homes forcing residents into emergency repairs.  Many homes also experienced flooding as a result of torrential rain.


Residential property owners that incurred storm damage to Clay County rentals from last week’s storms should consider a property management company, such as Premiere Property, LLC, to manage emergency situations like severe weather.  Premiere Property will evaluate your properties damage and dispatch folks to make repairs.  Our evaluations are fast and our network of contractors are capable of everything from yard work to major structural repair.

Quick reaction to repairs sends a positive message to your tenants showing your commitment to their comfort.  Contact Premiere Property today to inquiry about how we can help you.

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