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Dedicated Leasing Specialist

During the leasing process you will work with an assigned leasing professional whose only goal is to get your property marketed and get it rented quickly. During this time, you can expect us to be checking on your property and showing it to prospective tenants, as well as updating the listing on various websites, answering potential tenant questions and communicating with you. Our team will ensure that your property is presented in its best light online and in person to get you a great tenant.

Professional Rental Market Analysis

Pricing the home correctly is one of the most important factors in getting it rented quickly. Overpricing the home will cause the property to rent less quickly, costing you time and money.

We start with a competitive rental price analysis which combines market data with our professional knowledge of current market conditions to give you the most accurate rental price possible. This will get the home rented fast and for the most that the market will bear.

Professional Photos

Professional photos are a great way to ensure your property stands out online. Our standard photos look great and help get homes rented quickly, however, we can also leverage professional photographers to enhance your properties appeal online if you prefer. In our experience properties that have professional photos get rented much faster.

Online Advertising Exposure

We market your property online to cater to an on-demand culture. Our system syndicates the listing out to several websites, including all the popular rental sites like Zillow, Trulia and more. Potential residents get immediate responses to inquiries 24/7 and can schedule showings online.

Residential Leases In Kansas City

Residential leases in Kansas City are required prior to renting most property. A property management company or owner executing residential leases in Kansas City sets forth specific duties that are beneficial to both tenants and landlords. Setting forth what is expected of each party prior to the beginning of a relationship allows both parties to know what to expect from the other. Premiere Property, LLC is equipped to provide comprehensive residential leases in Kansas City that ensure both owner and tenant understand their specific duties and protect the interest or assets of each party.

Landlord Obligations

As a landlord, certain obligations are created by the execution of residential leases in Kansas City with a tenant. Specifically, a landlord is required to turn over property to the tenant that is habitable (i.e. safe); follow the terms of the lease; provide necessary repairs as required; provide appropriate notice before entering the property; provide continuous access without interruption to all necessary utilities; provide notice of any transfer in ownership of the property; and provide notice as set forth in the lease if the lease is to be terminated. These criteria are required for residential leases in Kansas City.

Tenant Obligations

As a tenant certain duties are owed to the landlord or property manager as written in residential leases in Kansas City. Generally speaking tenants are responsible for the following duties: to pay rent on time; keep a sanitary residence as to not attract rodents or bugs, prevent intentional damage to the property, use all plumbing, electrical, appliances, and other systems in a reasonable manner. Additionally, tenants are required to follow local, county, state, and federal laws/ordinances; allow access to the property for repair when necessary; make sure guests follow the rules; do not have house guests outside of the terms of the lease; do not use the property outside of the terms of the lease; and obey any other specific terms set forth in the lease. In return, tenants have the right to exclusive control of the property; to reside in a safe and appropriate environment; and for the property to fit the intended purpose such as sleeping, cooking, etc.

Tenants that fail to obey by the duties set forth in a lease can be evicted. It is important to review the terms of the lease in detail before executing a lease, most residential leases in Kansas City should highlight the aforementioned elements. If certain requirements are not understood, clarification should be requested. Once signed, tenants are expected to know their duties to the property and landlord.

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